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Requirement for Job Application


For non-Japanese applicants, a JLPT* N1 level is required.
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Please note that Bones Inc. does not accept suggestions or ideas from the general public. These include but are not limited to stories, characters, and names, marketing or public relation measures/strategies, etc.
This is to avoid any unfortunate disputes or controversies that may arise from any coincidental identicality or similarities between the submitted ideas and intellectual property originally developed by Bones Inc.

Please note that those submitting ideas or proposals to Bones Inc. despite the above shall be deemed as having agreed to the following conditions.

・Bones Inc. is not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the submitted ideas or proposals.

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・Bones Inc. is not liable in any way, including but not limited to liability for monetary compensation, should any submitted idea or proposal be identical or similar, whether in whole or in part, to any title, project, product, or service of Bones Inc.

・Bones Inc. is not obliged to return the submitted ideas or proposals to the submitter.

・Any ideas or proposals submitted as hard copies via post or courier shall, as a general rule, be discarded unopened.

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Privacy Policy

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・All personal information shall be placed under adequate security measures. Should Bones Inc. commission the processing, etc. of personal information to any third party, Bones Inc. shall ensure that such third party implements adequate security measures.

・Should an individual request disclosure or amendment of their personal information stored by Bones Inc., such request shall be dealt with according to applicable laws and regulations. Bones Inc. may prescribe specific documents to be submitted, methods of confirming identity, fees to cover the actual costs, etc.

・Bones Inc. shall review and improve its privacy policy on a continuous basis.

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